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Kirsten Norbury

I grew up in North Wales in a family of printers. From an early age I loved the smell of inks in my grandfather’s printing factory. After completing my Art Foundation Course School of Art, I studied a BA in Fine Art Printmaking at Leeds University. As part of my degree I combined huge six-foot woodcuts with screen prints, relishing the sculptural quality of carved material next to linear prints. I’ve always had an eye for design and print - I worked as a Print Production Manager for London advertising agencies for 15 years.


Living in Lewes has brought me into contact with a wonderful community of artistic people and inspired me to pursue my own passion for portraiture. For the past 7 years I’ve helped organise Artists and Makers Fair, a hugely popular contemporary art and craft fair in Lewes Town Hall featuring over 82 local artists. For the past few years I’ve also shown my paintings and prints at the event. I set up ArtStart Art Club in 2016 which was a successful, fun and rewarding venture. Sadly I had to close due to the impact of Covid19. I am available to teach online and as soon as possible in the home again!


I hope to inspire the next generation of young artists in Lewes to continue their exploration into art and maybe one day exhibit their own work.


Contact Kirsten if you are interested in commissioning a work, buying an existing piece or booking a lesson.. For more art inspiration follow us on Instagram

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